Trust of a global powerbrand. Delivered to international standards.

The World Trade Center Association is a global network of office complexes across 318 cities in 88 countries and serves over 1 million businesses. Headquartered in New York, USA, the unilateral objective of WTCA is to promote prosperity through international trade by providing a host of reciprocal services to help foster partnerships; group trade missions for access to global businesses and capital; trade information services and market research services for local business knowledge; trade education services; expo and conferencing facilities; short term office space; stay facilities and much more.

*Subject to changing market sentiments and risk involved in investing in an immovable asset.



Higher occupancy. Longer leases. Higher rents. The foundation of growth and Prosperity

The exceptional facilities and services of World Trade Center Complexes attract some of the biggest names from business. In addition, thehigh-profile WTC name; the multiple high-image events hosted here and the large volumes of people who visit WTC complexes togetherprovide implicit value to tenants.

A comprehensive independent analysis by C.H. Johnson Consulting Inc. states that WTC complexes were found to outperform similarbuildings in their markets when it came to rentals and occupancy. The World Trade Center brand attracts higher rents, longer leases andhigher occupancy, making them not only the most preferred business hubs, but a lucrative investment destination as well.


*Source – As per global connection 1, a special report issued by WTCA, 2014. ^Based on surveyed World Trade Center operations in 2007 and 2012, as published in WTCA brochure 2016.


Catalysts to regional business and infrastructure growth. Mainstream green architecture for long term asset value.

As trade catalyst, WTC Complexes facilitate international trade and thus contribute to development of regional business communities, creating thousands of job opportunities and enabling millions of dollars of business for the regional community. And as real estate projects, WTC buildings are high profile developments that convey a premier international business address and are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy. It has often been demonstrated that WTC Complexes also influence the infrastructure development in the region. As a result the value appreciation of WTC properties is faster than the average market and stays consistently higher. WTC Chandigarh will be designed to consume lesser energy, resulting in higher financial benefits to the owners, health benefits to its occupants, environmental benefits towards the earth and creating long term asset value for the investors.

*Subject to changing market sentiments and risk involved in investing in an immovable asset. Source – As per global connection 1, a special report issued by WTCA, 2014.



Creating landmarks of prosperity. Membership to an exclusive club of global investors.

WTCA is a network that creates a positive impact on regional and international businesses, and brings together both government and private bodies to facilitate the smoother flow of business. It creates a powerful lobby of like-minded entrepreneurs that can influence policy and legislation, making it a premium real estate address that never fails to deliver, be it business for its members or premiums for its investors. As branded complexes, WTC Complexes are landmarks in the regions that they serve. There can be only one WTC facility in a city and this makes it an exclusive symbol of international connectedness and competitiveness in the region. The WTC Club offers its investors a unique opportunity to own much more than just a real estate property. Membership~ to the local WTC Club ensures you get similar facilities across the world. It’s like having your own office in cities such as London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing or any of the 313 WTCs. It’s an invitation to join a league of world leaders who are helping define the future of the world through business.

*It is not an offer of membership. All membership are on paid basis and tariff differ from centre to centre.