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Chandigarh, a city that is known for leading the green revolution is undergoing a major transformation. It is slowly transforming into one of the preferred IT & outsourcing destinations. The primary reasons behind this transformation are a favorable business environment, investment-friendly policies, and availability of skilled people. The city is ranked 7th as far as global IT & outsourcing destinations are concerned.

Technical talent is available in abundance in Chandigarh and neighboring states like Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab due to the presence of top-notch educational institutions. Mohali and Panchkula, sister cities of Chandigarh are also contributing to the growth of the city.

IT companies looking for profit maximization look at Chandigarh as a cost-center since the operating costs are low when compared to major metro cities.

The startup ecosystem is also growing leaps & bounds and entrepreneurs are realizing the potential advantages of starting up in Chandigarh. As per a report by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion), Chandigarh was considered as the best city for Startup Beginners as per a 2018 Startup ranking report.

It is slowly becoming a preferred tourist destination witnessing a 25% increase in tourist footfall in the last few months. The reasons for Chandigarh’s growth as a ‘preferred tourist destination’ are:

• Beautiful Landscape (well-maintained gardens, beautiful lakes, and greenery)
• Well-planned infrastructure
• Several connectivity options
• Preferred Gateway to Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, etc.

All these growth prospects make Chandigarh a favorable destination for investors & businesses. It has secured the 8th highest FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) inflows in India.

World Trade Center (WTC) Chandigarh plays the role of a catalyst and is instrumental in bringing the Chandigarh Capital Region (CCR) onto the global platform. WTC which is a global network with office complexes across 300 cities in 100 countries is currently serving 1 million member companies.

WTC Chandigarh is the nearest business hub situated close to the city airport. It has future-ready infrastructure as a lot of emphasis is placed on energy-savings and environmental benefits. The complex consumes 30% less energy resulting in health benefits to the occupants and higher financial benefits to the owners/tenants. Hence, the project has received a LEED-CS Gold Certification. WTC Chandigarh promises better capital appreciation due to its prime location and usage of main-stream green architecture for LAV (Longer Asset Value).

The office space is suited not only for multi-nationals but also for startups & emerging MSMEs (Micro and Small Medium Enterprises). Apart from the WTCA Club, WTC complexes also offer Venture Accelerator Center that can be instrumental for revenue growth and business enhancement. Tenant companies in WTC have a major competitive advantage over their competitors as they can leverage the power of the WTCA network for growth & business expansion. WTC acts as a connecting thread between people, companies, government institutions, and global markets.

The WTC Chandigarh building also has 126 premium retail units. This is a great opportunity for retail businesses as the project is expected to attract approximately 4500 customers every day. Higher footfalls equate to one incredible business opportunity! Two Lakh Sq. Ft. allocation to WTC Studios and Entertainment Hub with 5 Screen Multiplex & 16,000 Sq. Ft. Food Court means a ready catchment of customers as soon as you are at WTC Chandigarh. The project also has lavish Business Suites so that tenants/global visitors to WTC do not spend their precious hours in traffic.

WTCs global image and persona attracts the most affluent brands, thus providing implicit value to the tenants as well as landmark status to entire cluster. WTC complexes outperform the competition when it comes to average occupancy and lease cycles. As the complex attracts higher rents, faster sales, longer lease cycles, and higher occupancy; it is considered a lucrative destination for investors as well as the tenants.
WTC Chandigarh was awarded as the ‘Most Promising Brand 2019’ for Punjab and Haryana region by CMO Asia & Global Real Estate Congress. Not only in Chandigarh, WTC projects across India e.g. WTC CBD (Noida), WTC Gift City (Gujarat), etc. have an edge over the competition as the focus is on superlative quality, timely project completion, exposure for business expansion via WTCA, utilization of green energy for reduced energy consumption, and Create long term asset value .


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